The Franklin Station Group. The purpose of this group is to help Franklin Station residents communicate with each other regarding topics of common interest such as lost/found pets, suspicious/criminal activity, referrals on lawn care providers or other services, neighborhood social events, etc. It is NOT the place for official notices, comments or questions to or from the HOA Board or the ACC. This is a "Closed Group" meaning that other Facebook users can see the list of participants, but only members can see comments. The group is open to adult residents of Franklin Station, and all members are encouraged to post questions and comments.

To become a member, go to the "Franklin Station" page on Facebook. Then click on the "Join Group" link in right corner. Member comments will not be visible until your membership is approved by the Facebook Chairperson.

NOTE: Posting on the Facebook Group page is not a substitute for official communication with the Franklin Station Homeowners Association Board or Architectural Control Committee.

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