General Maintenance plus Landscaping at front entrance, pool area and playground. Keeps neighborhood grounds looking orderly and presentable at the entrances, pool area and playground area.

  • Supervise General Maintenance as required.
  • Supervise/Maintain Mowing Contract
  • Supervise/Maintain Lawn Chemicals Contract
  • Organize Landscape Volunteers
  • Helps plan future landscaping concepts.
  • Responsible for seasonal decorations at the entrances, all maintenance, upkeep of common grounds and turning on/off the sprinkler system.
  • Approved contracts by the Board are required for mowing, repairs, lawn treatment services and maintaining the playground.

2018 Plan:

  • Extend Pool Deck
  • Replace Pool Fence
  • Bricked Flowerbeds at Front Entrance and Pool House
  • Entrance Portico at Pool House

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